Stock Market is one field where market knowledge and choosing a perfect broker both plays an equally important task in deciding the profitability of a trader. While the first one is completely depended on the trader himself, the second task needs a lot of thought to be given and mainly depends upon the external factors. Each investor/trader has a lot of individual requirements and having the best stockbroker to serve such needs is very important for any person. It is pertinent that a trader has to by all means select the apposite broker suitable to him. In order to succeed in this task, the trader has to take into account certain factors that might help him in arriving at a perfect decision.


Factors to be considered to find the Best Stock Broker:


Trade Commissions:


Different stockbrokers calculate the Commission that is charged for trades conducted in distinctive ways. Some charge the commission based on the volume of trade while some others charge based on the type of trade. It is important to choose the brokers based on the type of commission they charge as per your routine of trading. But it is wiser and better to select brokers who actually offer flat-free trade, in which they charge a flat rate each month irrespective of the type or volume of trades conducted.


Minimum Deposit:


There are some brokers who require that a trader do a minimum deposit to start trading in the platform, also few elite services are offered to them only on deposit of an increased deposit amount. But there are few brokers who do not require any minimum deposit as such. So look out for them.


Trading tools:


Successful trades are the ones that are perfectly organized and planned. For this great tools and strategies are to be in place. The best stockbroker should offer his traders unrestricted access to a number of trade tools to help make the most of each and every trade. Few tools that really make a difference includes real-time streaming quotes, last sale tickers, quality stock scanners, mobile trading apps and level II quotes. Efficient tools are essential for active investors and to convert each trade a truly profitable one.


Customer Service:


For a trader, here might be a dilemma or confusion at any point of trading activity and to have a reliable customer support in times of need is pivotal. A well-trained and well-equipped customer support team is one great asset of any stockbroker.


Market Research & Analysis:


The availability of a variety of market research tool is very important to any trader. The decision-making aspect of the trader mainly depends on the market trend and the direction of the market.  Hence a broker who provides a lot of free market research tools on his platform to aid traders in arriving at proper and profitable trading decision is the one to be opted for.


Investment Options:


Mere access to stock trading is not sufficient for customer satisfaction and retention.  An online stockbroker should offer a strong selection of variety of financial trading options like no load mutual funds, ETFs, Binary and complex options. Almost all the established brokers offer commission free ETFs to delight their clients. Brokers also offer services like direct market routing, conditional orders, futures trading and Forex trading.


Miscellaneous Charges:


The fees and charges mentioned by the brokers are most of the times not transparent enough. Some traders charge exorbitant fees beyond trade commissions. Though this is not actually relevant in the current year, few brokers’ still charge fess such as inactivity, transfer fees, and yearly IRA fees (for retirement accounts). Though most of the brokers have ceased from charging these additional fees, it is important for a trader to due his check on the fees charged before selecting a broker.


Authenticity and Security:


Today’s web world is comprised of a number of risk factors and investment companies have started to invest a lot into account security. Many brokers follow security options such as security questions, SSL websites and the like.  Just like any other online shopping, trading online requires a trustworthy website to deal with. It is always best to choose a well-known and established broker who is regulated to carry out stock trading.

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